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Port Hacking


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Headed out early this morning out from Lilli Pilli. Don't normally fish on the weekend, but may not get a chance to fish next week, so had to give it a go. Many boats out and about.

One nice tailor, compared to the other two, using fish strips on a hand line. The biggest one jumped next to the boat, so I slipped the net under him before he hit the water, and the hook fell out. A chunky bream to go with them, and a flounder.

The fish below the bream appears to be a species of emperor, will post it in the I.D. section. Not very big, it grabbed a squid bait before I launched the boat from mum's place in Gunnamatta Bay. Hooked in the gills and it had the death wobbles, so I kept it.


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3 hours ago, Johndory said:

Nice report as always Dave

that is a stud Tailor

good job


Thanks Dave.

In the stomach of the biggest tailor was 2 snelled hooks, about 6/0 on about 30 pound mono. Looks at though someone was live baiting and the tailor chewed off everything. a clean bite off.

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9 hours ago, Krispy ! said:

nice report yowie that's a good size tailor. Also nice to see a spangled emperor in the hacking, water must be warm

Bit of a change from the just under/just over size limit tailor of the last few months.

When I pulled the emperor out of the darkness, I was expecting a bream, but then saw the different shape. Water less than 2 metres deep.

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5 hours ago, onearmedfisho said:

we caught a 45cm tailor near lilli pilli on sunday. It grabbed a live squid with twin 7/0's aimed for Kings. Tasted good on the BBQ

The bigger ones do go well on the BBQ.

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