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Broken Bay

Guest Boppa

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Gday all

Hit the water about 7am this morning to fish the incoming tide between Flint and Steel and Juno.

Arrived and found no wind to give me assistance in the drift so laid two witches hats looking for a few Blue swimmers.

Wind came up to help with the drift and headed towards F&S to start a drift back. Started in about 58 feet of water and when I hit the 30 mark things started to happen, first a good Bream about 38 cm, then a lizard about 45 cm and to top it off a nice whiting.

Had a big run that made the rod bend and after about 5 mins and a few head shakes was bitten or busted off (JEW?)

All were caught on prawns and was home by 1.00 pm :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile:


BTW No crabs

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