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Changing water pump impeller


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1 hour ago, jeffb5.8 said:

I found my impeller was missing so I replaced it, don't notice it pumping any more water with the new one installed.

is it round the right way?





is this a gee up or what?

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 I am back at it tonight will try it the other way round, could not find the Orange Loctite at Supercheap, only orange one I found was a hand cleaner.

i bought a red one, the kid behind the counter said it will seal anything but wasn't sure if it was water proof. 

Thanks Raging for the tip, hopefully it will pump more water after tonight's re-work.

marine mechanic want $120 to change it, so far cost me $55 that's a win in my book if it fixes it.

Then I can the work out the issue with the exhaust coming out of the propeller, I might have a crack in the exhaust runner where I tried making it bigger for more power.

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