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Tips for trag off Sydney


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Caught a few last week in 55m off dee why ,middle of day.you don't need to specifically angle for them,they will bite on any bait if there.Fresh slimey would be primo cut bait and pillies ok.Usually get only one or two in Sydney waters,while fishing for reddies and reefies.The only fish with bones in the flesh,but only 4 or so.Good luck.


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Tips for trag lol, can be caught any time of day as jews off Sydney. Absolutely Sh@$ on jews for taste and are finally making a comeback, biggest ive seen over a metre at the heads last year.

 They have just come out of spawn so should be more active over the next few weeks once the moon settles. Can be caught on prawns, squid , pilleys, fresh baits. Look for reef anywhere from 10 to 80M. Most coastal areas have a local trag ground.

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