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G'day All.

Took the kyak out today on the LC river. Started around Hunters Hill and Woolich around some boats and pontoons. Not very many were caught, only a handful of just legal flatties and bream. Had a very good tussle with a nice trev. It made for a quick release when trying to net it at the side of the yak. My estimate about 35cm??? Great fight though.

Moved up around the FTB for no results. When the rain set in I moved right up the river around the mangroves. The difference in water colour was amazing. The water further up was nice and murky and as the rain was coming down the wind eased. Over the next few hours I manged to land 8 good size bream, biggest being 37cm and the smallest went 32cm. There was also a few good size flatties biting, biggest coming in at 42cm.

All the fish were partial to 2/3" hawgs, 3" Fry Pumpkinseed, and 1 of the bream was taken on a nice little river & sea popper.

There was heaps of surface activity and a bucketload of of small baitfish around the mangroves. These signs along with the water colour and increased temp (when it arrives!!) can only make for better fishing.

I fish the LC river quite a bit and the conditions are starting to look up. Lets hope!!

Only got one photo as the batteries run out after it was taken!!! Spewing!!!

Good luck all



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This semi - retirement things is quite relaxing. Especially with the use of you know whos kyak!! I might as well enjoy it for a while before the :wife: gets on my back!

Anyway here is your flatty from friday and my stonker bream.

(BTW raiders, they were caught @ Hen & Chicken)

Cheers all


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