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What are the rules around tying up to public jetties


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Hi Raiders,

Can anyone shed some light on what the rules are around short term or temporarily tying up to public jetties? I'm talking about the bigger ones that have tie up points on them, not little ones or boat ramps?

The topic came up the other day when I was chatting with a mate and neither of us knew how long you could tie up, whether you could leave the boat unattended etc.

I've done some looking around but not found anything definitive - except for something on the North Sydney Council website that told me I could not tie up at the Pittwater jetties unless I had a permit and to get one I would need to prove I live off shore and go on a waiting list.

This seemed to suggest that jetties come under the purview of councils so I went to look at Gosford Council site (which would cover my home waters) and they have a list of public jetties but that is about it.

This leads me to believe that I would be OK tying up at Hardy's Bay or Saratoga and popping off for some lunch (which I have done before) but wondering if anyone here had any further insight.


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21 minutes ago, rickmarlin62 said:

a jetty in front of boatharbour summerland pt had 4hr mooring times painted on by wyong council..don't know about other councils..rick

Intresting,how do they police it as I would assume it's a bit hard to put a chalk mark on a tyre as it's a boat?I've seen boats tied up for hours on end.

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ive lived in the area for a number of years and the only time anybody came and checked was when a houseboat tied up there for three weeks giving all us fishos and other boaters the shits cause its also a pump out station for human waste..thus the shits..haha..rick

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More searching tonight and it is definitely in the hands of the council. It's going to be pretty confusing then. If you are boating on the Hawkesbury and fancy some lunch you could go to Patonga (Gosford Council), Pittwater (Northern Beaches Council), Brooklyn or Dangar Island (both Hornsby Council). They could all be minutes away but each with their own rules. I'm not sure how you as a boater are supposed to know what rules apply where if they are not always clearly marked. I suppose I'll just bank on there being no enforcement and if I am ever accused of breaking the rules I'll be able to plead ignorance very convincingly.

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