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Another Day Another Kingy

Captain Pugwash

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Sunday morning and were off again,

No visitors today, just Dollface, me and the dogs. Where to? The swell was supposed to be a coupla metres so decided to stay inside. Off to quarantine marker bouy. Berley deployed and the yakkas arrive. Bloody hundreds of them. But unlike Sat they are all horses and no good for livies. But not a single other fish! No squire, trevally, nothing. Then the bloody sweep started and I got sick of bringing the bloody things in.

Eventually landed a couple of bite size yakkas and decided to move on elsewhere. Mosied on over to North Harbour where I had heard rumours of recent King sightings. Washed the yakkas for a while for no result and still no fish of any description. Things are looking a bit grim now, even Dollface isn't getting a bite!

What to do?

Stuff the swell, let's head to Bluefish. Round the corner of North Head and the reported swell is actually bugger all. You bewdy. Get's to Bluefish, no boats in sight, get into possie, dropped the anchor, berley bucket out, livies out, beer cracked, smoke lit and then.........................NOTHING.

No trevors, no squire, no yakkas, nothing! Decided to weigh anchor and actually LOOK for the fish (might think of doing that first next time!)

This time the yakkas are coming thick and fast, but still no trevally or any form of edible fish. Looking like a rare day for us going home empty handed. Just as we are ready to give it away as Sunday Bloody Sunday we hear the familiar and much loved squeal of the charter special's ratchet peeling of line! :thumbup:

After an lively tussle my gorgeous Dollface expertly nets a lovely legal King. Number 4 and counting.

And so a potentially miserable day turned into a magnificent Kingfish dinner. :yahoo:



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Where is Bluefish point?

Thanks Fellas,

It certainly saved us from an absolute shocker.

Bluefish point is the northern tip of North Head, where the sewerage outfall tunnel is. It is accessible from land if you're a monkey used to doing rope tricks, otherwise by boat.



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