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Stockton Breakwall


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G'day all,

Long time no post for me.

I went back to NSW a few weeks ago to visit family and of course I went for a fish at a couple of my old favourite spots. Picked up my old trolley and hit Stocko wall and it didn't disappoint. Got heaps of fish and a lot of weird stuff too. Jewie were on, seen 3 20+kg ones get landed right beside me and a lot of big bust offs.


Yakkas and slimies were easy to get so fresh cut and whole live baits were the go. Got the Bream, Snapper and all the other rock fish on cut baits and the Jewie on a live crab, good fun on 6lb gear. Big gear and livies didn't get a hit.

Almost every cast was a decent fish, not always easy to pull 'em out but heaps of fun.

Note: The massive Bream wasn't caught on the wall, the Mrs caught it 2 days prior back home in QLD. It was released. Just thought I'd give you a look.












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Unfortunately I didn't have the mat that day but I reckon it would've been 45+ and that's probably underestimating it. Biggest I've seen in person, it sure is a lot bigger than the 2 42cm I've caught in the past. 

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