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Hawkesbury brooklyn current


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Hi Everyone,

I'm heading out to Brooklyn next weekend on a hire boat with a mate n his family next Sunday and from the times I've been around there and dangar island in my tinny I've noticed the massive current on a big high tide but I've never fished a smaller high tide and wondering what it's like ? Is the current a little less ridiculous ?




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Safe to say the current runs fast most times down at Brooklyn. This weekend is a smaller tide, but still runs fast. And keep in mind that there the current will keep running long after the change of tide on the tide chart. Can be up to a few hours after the change of tide that the current will actually stop. 

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Dangar Island can be tricky because of the way the currents flow around the island, competing with the tide, and then there's always the wind, which is normally blowing you in the wrong direction. I used to find it worked well fishing the southern side of the island, fishing the last of the run in tide with a S-SE wind. 


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