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Port Hacking


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Headed out early this morning near Lilli Pilli, after many casts, pulled out 1 tailor, the only decent bite. Many small reddies stealing the baits, then they stopped biting before sunrise. A good sized crab grabbed one of the baits so happy with that, but no others there. A live yakka swam about for a while, and when I pulled it out to pack up, saw that it had a few puncture marks near the tail, looked like tailor teeth marks.

Headed to Maianbar flats and pumped some nippers, about to hop in the boat, when the water started churning up with fish, water only knee deep. The fish were moving rather quickly over the shallow water, so I waded out to them. Fired out a few dozen casts with a small metal, right through the fish boils then finally a hook up. A nice salmon jumped then made some speedy runs and more jumps. I waded back to the boat to grab the net, and the hook pulled.

Sent out a few more casts, then hooked a tailor, played it back to the boat, and the hook pulled again.

The fish went quiet for a little while, then started up again. Lure into the boils again, then hooked another tailor, and into the net. Waded out again and dropped another tailor, then the next one hooked up and into the boat. After that, the fish stopped and moved off into the distance.

One time, the fish were only a few metres away from me, I could see that this school was salmon, swimming like mad through the water, but no takes on the lure.

Moved elsewhere to drift with the nippers, the wind was up and blowing against the drift. Pulled out the 2 whiting and bream, but not much drift against the wind.

Headed back to mums in Gunnamatta Bay to clean the fish and put the boat away. Threw the scraps out and saw a few bream feeding, so I cut off a piece of tailor and threw it out. Hooked a fat bream that swam around a mooring pylon but eventually managed to swim it out. 37cm long, and just under 2 pound on the old scales, a solid fish - no photo.


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22 minutes ago, Welster said:

Another great report Yowie.    You always manage a good feed from the hacking, 

Thank you. I like to get a feed (the missus is not a great fish eater - she would be happy to eat battered fish from a fish shop - but I tell her it is good for her brain  :lol:)

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1 hour ago, budzsta said:

Awesome report... 

I need to invest more time into fishing the hacking I think.

I'm boatless though but never really gave the hacking a chance way back when I fished the wharves way back when I was in my teens

There are fish to be caught off the various wharves at times.

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