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squid after work


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Went for a short squid session in botany after work this afternoon. After all the rain I thought they would be sitting quite deep with the murky water, so I headed to the deeper rock ledges where I found success; 8 in around an hour and 20 minutes, including a 1 1/2 kg model.

On a side note, does anyone know how to distinguish between male and female squid?

Just seeing as late spring and summer is their breeding season, id like to release as many females as I can.



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The only way to distinguish a squid's sex without dissection is that males have one pair of arms (the closest pair to the "front" of the head) which are slightly modified for depositing sperm in mating. Not that easy for the untrained eye to spot on a writhing specimen shooting ink at you though.

Anyway, squid mating is a one-time only affair, at least for calamari. So for moral/ethical reasons, if you can learn to spot the difference make sure you keep equal numbers of each. Otherwise the mating party they all attend will be a sausage fest or a clambake.

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2 hours ago, Mike89 said:

Great work there mate, that big one must have pulled some drag.

Well done.

Table or bait?

Thanks mate, yeah originally I thought the big one was a snag, but it sure pulled drag after it came towards the surface. I'll use the heads for snapper bait and the wings for flattie bait next offshore trip, then the hoods for the table.

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