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Bream tips/spot


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Hey fellas!


Pretty new to sydney, mainly fish around concord hen & chicken bay flats for flathead. I wanna target bream on hardbodys as ive used soft plastics exclusively.

I live out west but willing to travel around sydney if there is a decent land based spot.

Ive heard hen n chicken bay is alright but not a lot of structure for bream and ive only ever caught flattys there. Ive also tried near bayview park wharf and pontoon and no luck either.

Im going saturday morning if anyone is keen to tag along

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Hi Anthony.

I grew up around HC bay & it's one of the best bream spots around. There are some cracking fish in there.

Here's some spots & tips to target bream there. At the end of I think it's Cecil st or Reginald st, Wareemba, there's a small boat ramp. Just to the right of that is a rock ledge running parallel to shore. Wade out & stand on that ledge on a high tide & cast out in front of you. There's scattered rocks, mud & a weed bed there. Plenty of good bream. I also got my pb whiting on a hard bod there.

My other fave spot was at the bottom of Friend Ave. Park there & walk the foreshore casting. Another great bream spot, along with flatties, whiting, flounder & I even scored a 5kg jew there while chasing bream. Top spot in a southerly wind.

Then you can head over Concord way. There's a canal that runs along the back 9 of the golf course. Fish the entrance of that canal on a runout tide. Another great bream spot. You can also walk along the edge of the golf course. I've score plenty of fish there as well. The canal entrance & to the left of there is a good winter spot in a sou' wester, but works all year round.

After years of fishing down there I found that a big tide of 1.6m was always the best, as most of these spots are exposed at low tide. Fish the last hour of the run up, the top & 1st hour of the runout. A barometer of 1010 & higher is best. Tide there is far more important than time of day. I've had top sessions there in the middle of the day when the tide was right.

You will catch fish on hard bods, but I always found 3' powerbait bass minnows in pearl/watermelon & small bloodworm squidgy wrigglers on a 1/16th to 1/20th jig head fished very slowly to be more productive.

Follow those tips & you will catch plenty of fish.



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