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Hauraki Gulf 25.10.05


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Fairly slow day in Auck today...............the weather was perfect :thumbup: , but not ideal for fishing .....

especially when you only fish 10 metres of water.

It was just too bright and sunny and I was there at low tide although I did bring 3 snapper home, thew some back and lost a couple :biggrin2:

Rather than bore you with more snapper pics...........here is my view today...

before I launched the tinny with Rangitoto in the background

in the next pic you can see the Sky Tower in Auck City behind the North Shore

and this last one some Islands in the gulf.......the 2 on the left we call The Noisies and to the right is Rakino

An absolute stunner of a day so I dont mind the fishing being slow...........still managed a feed :thumbup:

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Well done mate :biggrin2:

Can see I'm going to max out the plastic card to get there :beersmile::beersmile:

Great photo's as well and I would not have minded seeing the Snapper as well

Good onya mate


BTW Does the lass like fishing or just eating them?

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BTW Does the lass like fishing or just eating them?

Bop, she loves to catch a fish and has been hounding me lately as to when she gets to come for a fish......however we have different days off at the moment so it has to be weekend afternoons

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I could think of worse ways to spend a day.

Come to think of it I only have to look at my day stuck in this bloody office :ranting2:

I'm with Martin keeps sending those fishy pics it's as close as I'm getting to em at the moment as well.

You're a lucky bloke clutch, I'd like scenery like that to fish in :biggrin2:

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Geez Clutch you make it bloody hard mate. I have mates that would go out for weeks trying to muster 3 keepers and you do it in one arvo with surroundings like that. You've probably got beers in the boat while all this is going on as well. :074::thumbup:

Guys, I thinks we should keep away from the Kiwi and/or Sheep jokes cause this is the payback we get.

Seriously though, nice pics mate, keep them coming.



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