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Sydney Landbased spinning


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Hey guys,

Swell has been pretty bad so I am going to spin inside the harbour or around middle head this weekend (haven't fished weeks due to swell :()

I'm wondering what your opinions are in throwing out stickbaits and poppers mostly 40~60grams. Are they too big inside the heads?

Not really experienced spinning in calm water so any tips and advice would be appreciated!

Chasing pelagics hoping for bigger kings


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Interesting mate, like to know how you go with it.

id give middle head a crack, ive caught kings there plenty of times although havent tried with lures and its been on a boat but easily within casting distance from shore.

very rocky and not too deep all around there so hope your using heavy gear!

dont think its the most popular method inside the harbour but im sure with persistsnce itl happen!

Let us know how you go good or bad!

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Hey guys,

I went Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon for nothing! 

I was fishing with fresh squid that I caught the day under a float and also spinning some stickbaits and poppers.

Although a guy bottom bashing with fresh squid hooked onto a small school shark.

Both days were around the western side of South Head. 

On Sunday afternoon, I came back home after fishing to find out big hail poured down while I was fishing. Thank fishing I avoided this :D

Going back today after work to spin again. Would be 3 days in a row :-rolleyes



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