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broughton isl


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fished nth side of the island yday..cold green water current wrong way.25 knot noreaster after lunch..mixed bag with heaps of bonito  a few small reds two reds around 3kg ..I hooked up on the most amount of sharks I have ever had the displeasure of finding..10 /20 mins on each one to see if they were cobes or anything to keep..then bust them off..whalers fro 3ft to 6ft..ive never had this problem anywhere before...hopefully some good water will push in soon..the fish were coming up cold as to touch surface temp was 20.4 at best..rick

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yeah never had so much trouble...got dusted by some bigger reds ..fishing pretty rough ground,,,but the amount of sharks was out there...hopefully bak up in a fortnite and the water might improve..then its game on ..if you go up scratchie nth side of nth isl covered in bonnies...sisters holding plenty of slimies..rick

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