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How is the fishing in Pittwater


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Well the second summer in a row has almost slipped by without me getting a opportunity to fish, thanks to health issues and other commitments. Anyway, I've hatched a plan with a friend to go fishing in Pittwater, probably hire a boat at Barrenjoey Boat Hire and spend a morning out. The problem is I've taken this fellow fishing at least five times before and as luck would have it we've struck out each time. I really don't want to take him out for another do-nut, my credibility is on the line.

i was thinking we could probably scout round for some surface activity first. Even a mack tuna or frigate would salvage my reputation. Bonito would be much better.

if there's nothing happening on the surface we could try one of the wrecks for rat kings.

if that fails we could just troll around.

so can anyone give me an update on what's happening in Pittwater?

PM if you are happy to respond to me but not the whole world.

cheers and thanks



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Was there about 10 days ago for two days, so might be a little out of date, but:

  • Early morning around Portuguese bay is holding bucket loads of mac tuna on the surface
  • Tailor, good size, are marauding around the same space. I assume there are kings with/under them, but didn't get any
  • Have heard there are good kings around scotland island and the wrecks
  • This time of year the mouth of careel bay is normally pretty good, so keep an eye on that

Hope you get some luck :)

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