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Return Of An Old Favorite


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Many moons ago I use to spin the beach up at Fingal Bay were I lived as a teenager for flatties. I swore by Blue and White Nilsmaster Spearheads and use to take great delight in consistenly outfishing my mates sometimes working the lures side by side with there's to prove a point. Then to my dismay Nilsmaster stopped producing the colour. This was back in the early nineties. The other week I was in Otto's Fishy Business at Dromoyne and to my surprise there was a Blue and White spearhead sitting on the wall. Mine...

I had been hanging for the chance to use it and was up at Kingfihser Bay resort last week. Dead low tide two foot of water of sand on the edge of a rock wall perfect conditions. Third cast and a big headshake put a smile on my face. Still working. The flattie went 71cm and I welcomed back on old favourite. I have some theories on spearheads. The work exceptionally well in two - three foot of water over sand. The reason is simple you can give them a few quick crants to get them down to the sand and then almost stop them and work them ever so slowley, they throw up heaps of sand and stay down because of the wings on the head force the nose down, blue and white just works. Probably because it looks so much like mullet.

Its funny with all the crazes I am a dedicated SP man. But my faith in hardbodies just took a big step forward.


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anyone got a pick of one? or a link to one?

i wouldnt mind seeing these things

Try this Chris.

Just cut an paste it into your browser window....http://www.campbellsprotackle.com/store/product.asp?ID=620

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That's a great looking lure there Burnsy. I can see why you, and the fish, are so fond of it.

The QLD trip sounded excellent as well. I've got a mate that lives up there now. He didn't even tell anyone he was going, not even his own mother! Just upped and left. I've heard through another mate of mine that he's loving the barra fishing up there. I'd love to get up there this summer, but I'm sure the :wife: has other plans for me.

Fingal Bay is a pretty special place for me, as is a lot of Port Stephens. I lived there for a year after leaving school and have gone back for trips many times since, including some classic surfing/fishing trips with some good mates of mine. I've been a bit slack by not heading back up there of late, but I reckon that might change this summer. :thumbup:

Congrats on the flattie too, sounds like it was a great fish.



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