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Reel for harbour kingfish & jewies


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I'm a bit overwhelmed with the choice on shimano reels around the 300 - 400 price range. Hard for a simple guy to work out the difference :)

Main use would be live baiting. Is Stradic 5000 FK the model to get around that money ? 


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The Stradics are one of the most proven reels out there in that price range imo, A season or two back I hooked a small black marlin (40-50kg or so) on my 8000 Stradic FJ and we would have landed it if the hooks hadn't pulled after 17min connected, the reel never skipped a beat (although it was a tad warm)... I also have a 3000 that I've used for about six years now on school sized jew and kings and its as good as the day I got it with minimal maintenance (oiled maybe once a year).

As for size, a 5000 will do fine for jew and 98% of the kings you'll ever come across. For really big kings I'd look at a 6000 but this will be overkill and not as much fun to use on the majority of the fish you'll get as it will be a heavier outfit (The 5K to 6K step is much bigger than the 4k-5k). Another option if you want to go lighter again is the Stradic Ci4, I have a 4000 paired with a Veritas 6-10kg rod which is just and awesomely powerful outfit for its weight and certainly capable of handling any jew and most kings.

At the end of the day it is always a trade off of fun/sport of a lighter outfit vs the ability to really lock up on a big fish. Best to have a look in store and feel the difference for yourself, especially if you can mount them to your intended rod and feel the hole outfit as a combo.



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