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Off Sydney Thursday Feb 23


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Had another try. After a later-than-planned start we went to the Artificial Reef for bait. Got about a dozen or so nice baits and headed to Long Reef. Put out two rigs on downriggers down 5 metres. Trolled around for about two hours looking for a structure we had heard about called "The Wall". We don't think we found it, at least nothing that fitted the contours on the GPS chart, but we found that the chart isn't accurate around that area. 

Got one good hit that didn't stick. That's all. With a decent swell coming through we decided we had had enough punishment for one day  (we were the only boat out there). Headed back to the Harbour and made a couple of passes at Old Man's Hat, then a few passes of the Eastern and Western Wedding Cakes, all for nought.

I hate going home skunked. ("Skunked" is what they call it in California if you come home with nothing).



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