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Long reef wide


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Went for a fish wide of long reef with dad today. Started trawling out of the heads at 6 in search of a bonnie towards bluefish point, no luck. So we headed to our desired spot, wide of long reef. Over the next few hours we pull in about 15 nannygai - all thrown back, a few big bakers - also thrownback, a undersized rat king around 62cm. We did manage 4 pan sized snapper ranging from 31-38cm amoungst many throwbacks, a 41cm flatty, 3 mowies ranging from 56cm-43cm and a 35cm silver trevally. We were hoping to hook up on some trag but no luck with that and headed back at the ramp by 12, still a good day none the less.


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5 hours ago, ebenos said:

Great feed! Can I ask what rig you were using over Long Reef?


Just a general patternoster rig for most of them, also had a livie out on a running sinker rig which caught the bigger reddie and bigger mowie

57 minutes ago, finin said:

Nice samjames95, what depth you in? Has the current slowed? That flatty looks odd is it a blue spot?

Went to a few different depths all of around, 60m and 50m. The currents still pretty strong which makes it difficult to get it down without using a huge lead which makes the bait look unnatural and ineffective, yeah that's not a bluespot or dusky! its a marbled flatty, identified by the consistent darker colouring on the tail

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57 minutes ago, Flickn Mad said:

Nice feed mate. Don't you like eating nanny fillets. One of my favourite!

Yeah we normally keep a few they do taste nice, but of a reasonable size, these were smaller than each of our hands! 

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