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headed out with my friend's family to Mrs Macquarie Chair after school at 5pm, (last time i will fish until holidays cause of exams) on the rising tide. The water was pretty clear and you could see there was lots of rocky structure and kelp beds. Also a lot of tourists there but it was quite a big area and finding a place to fish was pretty easy. I started setting up the berley bucket but accidentally dropped it into the water opened and lost all the berley in 5mins (RIP). Rods got set up next using prawns as bait. I personally had 2 rods out, 1 with a running sinker rig and 1 with the same rig i use for blackfish (float) but soon learnt it was better to just use 1 rod.

I was constantly glancing at the float and the rod tip of the other rod, however each time i looked at the other rod my float goes under, and I struck too late. 1 hr in and only 2 undersized snappers. Decided to stick with the blackfish setup only after missing so many downs. Berleyed with left over bread and just stuck to this made the leatherjackets turn up (You could see the schools right next to the breakwall). First 3 downs, missed all and all came back with no hook -.-. Then my reel started screaming but line got cut off 8 seconds in. Happened again.. Decided to switch to a smaller hook and i was finally on. Pulled in a 30cm leatherjacket then another 4 more 1minute after the previous ones.

The bites were furious and float went down 5 seconds after casting it. But it ended fast, as it was nearing the top of the tide :/ . Decided to pack up at 7:30, and my friend's last cast ended with the biggest leatherjacket of the day, must have been 40cm and its fans must have been just as long. Most of the fish were returned and I ended the day with around 8 caught, and 10+ hooks bitten off. The view was amazing however, with the harbour bridge right in front. Would definitely go there again. 

Sorry no photos of fish as i forgot to take before giving my fish to my friends family. 

Picture is of where we were fishing, (left side of Macquarie chair, staring right at the harbour bridge)

Also can anyone tell me how do you catch leatherjackets without them slicing through your line half the time

mrs macquarie chair.jpeg

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