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Balmain Sunday morning 2 hr session.


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Hi guys. Haven't been posting for a while. For a 2 hr pass this morning, so I took 1kg of pillows and went to my usual spot. Fish the change of high tide, burley with 4 pillies and the breams started coming!!! Set up 1 rod, toss it down with float and rig up another one for my son, 10 seconds later. I was looking for my float!!?? Straight away it ran into the rocks!! I'm like Fxxk! Fishing with 6lb line. It breaks! Rig up again and toss it down! Within 5 seconds, while doing up the other rod!! It went again!! I set t hook! It went into the rocks again!! Another line break!! So I said to myself!! I'll fish with one rod instead!!! 


Im landing bream like everyw10 minutes! Lost 4, 2 due to line break and 2 lost of hook...


totaly 7 fish. All legal. Biggest 36cm. 


One last thing!!!! I was told today that fish from east of harbour shouldn't be eatten?? While I hear a lot of people fishing druymmore/ chriswick/ birchgrove etc.


please let me know thanks





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17 minutes ago, papafish said:

West of the bridge sorry I got it wrong. It's birchgrove/ balmain/ etc ok?

To be honest mate, probably fine once or twice but would not recommend it at all, thats why the fishing is good west of the bridge because a majority of people C and R. There are a lot of dioxins in the water west of the bridge.

You should read this: http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/foodsafetyandyou/special-care-foods/sydney-harbour-seafood

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