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Fingal beach


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Bit of a late report from 2 weeks ago.

So every year the mother in law (mil) takes me the wife and the brother inlaw away to corlette for a weeks holiday at a nice waterfont home. Anyways the brother inlaw and i decide to hire a boat the next day after a few drinks. Next day comes and the bro says his feeling crook and decides not to come. In my head im thinking boat or beach, anyway i decided to grab a a light beach rod and head around to fingal beach to see if i could grab some whiting with some frozen worms id bought the day before. So jumped in the car and was there in no time, sussed out the beach from a look out and chose my gutter. I only packed light with a shoulder bag and 1 rod so i could move up and down the beach with ease. 1st cast into a nice deep gutter comes up with a small dart. So does the second and third cast for the day. 4th cast bait didnt get touched, now im thinking its going to be a slow start. I change the worm and cast out a 5th time and wait for about 3 mins then a couple of nice taps and i set the hook, this things taking line now im thinking dam salmon. A few minutes pass with me chasing this fish up the beach, i cant see the fish jump i think to myself. Then i feel the head shakes every jewie fisho tells you about, now im praying to fish gods let me have my first jewie please... After about 10-15mins (felt like 50mins) i managed to wash it up onto the beach. Fish went 75cm caught around 1pm on a 2-4kg beach rod with 2500 reel 8lb leader. The next morning i went back and got some nice whiting but i cant seem to post the photos of them.Thanks for reading my long post.



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Guest Guest123456789

Great report and catch well done. Lots of skill to land a fish on such a light set up, looks like the calm conditions helped you out.

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 Nice one mate! Ive haven't been on a jewy hunt for a while now. There's definitely been a few around. Scratchie Jnr has been landing a heap of schoolies from one mile! 

Congrats on your fish Jew and from the beach is also a feat in itself! 

Even if you didn't catch anything, your standing on the best beach on the world! :) 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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