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Sydney Sunday.


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Gday all, well lucky i must say. After the weather we have had through caution to the wind and ventured out. Harbour was a little quiet a few boats around sow and pigs and that was really it.

 Harbour is a bit filthy but strangely from the heads out, blue water and 24.8 all the way to 80M+. I actually thought the usual mushroom of brown would extend out due to the rain but no.

 Grabbed a heap of livies from the old pilot station, even wondered if we would get any due to the water. But they were there in abundance took about 10 min of work to get them to appear all small, index fingerlings.

 Headed to the colours and marked kings at the sth edge, Swell Sth1-2M, odd set at easy 3, wind 10-15 SW, current at 1.4 going uphill. 1st drop to the bottom, up w winds and straight on , continued like this for an hour every king at 53 and a bit and a less. Tended to wise up at the end so we switched to squid strips as they gave up on livies.

 Decided ro let the kings go and headed wider to try for a snapper or two. The trying didnt last long as first bait down,  a livie lasted exactly 35 seconds and what i thought was a jew, changed colour to a nice 74cm 2kg snapper. Decided to ply it for a while and ended up with 2 more at 36 and a few of yowies favourite, mowies. Wind had picked up to around 20kn, so happy with the day and went home.


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Yes took a chance, but worth it and the bottom has warmed as well. Didnt find it to bad in the morning chasing kings as the cliffs protected us from the wind. Swell wasnt a major problem bit rolly but you get that. The wind did get stronger as we moved out. 

 Bradcrosso oh well ive been lying about weight for a while then, time for new scales i think lol, anyway the neighbour has a smile so thats good weight for me. Dan 88j, m8 80M.


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Nice catch finin! I wouldn't have went out either. I was out the shelf on Saturday and that was bad enough but the conditions looked worse for Sunday! And horrible all this week I might add! 

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Under that nice reddie is a funny looking fish. I have a picture of it on the side of my boat, it has a red circle around it with a red line right through the middle of the circle. It means a Mowie Free Boat.  :D:D

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