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Sounder Water Temp Readings


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Hi Raiders,

I have an Lowrance GEN3 HDS9 Sounder and I have always assumed the water temperature readings are accurate.

I now know this is probably not correct because the sounder measured the water in the Harbour last Friday on the boat at 21 Degrees.

I checked on Fishtrack and the satellite had it at 24 as it was on Saturday and Sunday.

I was in the harbour having my Sunday swim at Nielsen Park and my wife had a pool thermometer with her ( she likes to measure the water temp sometimes).

The temperature read exactly 24 just like the Fishtrack site indicated.

So obviously the sounder is wrong.

Anybody have an ideas about this? Is it a calibration thing or a sensor position thing or is it just faulty perhaps?

Any help or comments appreciated.








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Hi Jim,

I found my Furuno was out by a couple of degrees.  Checked it while I was out against a couple of other boats and a commercial fishing boat.  Went into settings and calibrated it to match.  Has been good since.  Hope this helps........



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I used to sell them a while back. They do sometimes need a master reset to sort them out but the main temp fault I use to encounter was the temp reading way to high. You can also check connections etc. & on the extreme off chance you have a spare transducer plug it in to check its not that.

Give the blokes at Navico a call to help 0299361000 if the above doesn't work.

Hope this helps

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my hds5 was 1.8 degrees out..just changed it on calibration in sounder settings..all good since..parked next to a mate in 42 riv and checked against his two temp readings...it reads same as everyone else in same area now....put tranny in bucket of water and use your small thermo to compare then adjust...rick

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Interesting... I never thought about the accuracy of my temp readings!  I have a Hummingbird.  I'll have to do a comparison with a pool thermometer and figure out how to calibrate.

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