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Testing my new outriggers


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Hi guys tried out my new outriggers yesterday launched at tunks around 4.30 and picked up some livies b4 heading out , got to the heads  and was greeted with a large swell and a SW wind around 10 knots , trolled out to a few fads and dropped some livies down but only baby dollies in close , moved out wider towards browns and the shelf with strikes coming  from stripeys  only , moved in closer and noticed a fish trap in the distance so steamed over to it then bang double  hookup , it was mayham for about 15 minutes with me and my m8 dancing around each other trying to keep our lines straight but finally with a team effort pulled up my mates with him grabbibg the tail and me lifting the head  luckily  mine stayed hooked and we opened the back door to slide mine in and up with both safe on board , it was my 1st but that measured a touch over 140cms and not sure about the weight as my scales only go to 20kgs with this bull maxing them out so 20 plus kgs , tight lines everyone :)IMG_2923.jpgIMG_2933.jpg

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3 hours ago, Rock&Beach said:

Great couple of fish mate. They are still on the bucket list. One day. I have heard that they taste great. 

They  are champ we had some last night and tonight boneless chunks of fish steak and plenty to share around

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11 hours ago, luvbigfish said:

Were  you cleaning the flatty and all those  squid ?

No I was launching the boat and came over and had a look/chat. Funny… because I thought that little Flatty was yours too! I was thinking to myself, why would you keep a little Flatty with all that Dolphin Fish to get through haha

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