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Sydney Sunday.


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Gday all, yeah dont judge a book by its cover. Harbour absolute glass this morning all the way to the heads, would of been a glorious sight for those on the Carnival Cruise ship this morning.

 By the time we got to the heads, a nice SE swell began to wrap around Hornby Light. Nice long period and about 1.5- 2M. Went out into green water, huge plume out of the heads at 23.9 till around 60-70M, then blue at 24.9. Current probably .5kn downhill, with the wind we were doing .8kn. Wind began NW at 5kn then gradually grew easy 15 then eventually swung NE by 900 at high tide and was at 15kn by lunch and managed to throw just on .5M wind swell on top of the ground swell gave up when this got to much.

 Fishing...disgraceful, didnt get a bite for the first hour and thought wtf am i doing here blah blah blah , rod goes off and a healthy huge baker is bought in , quickly necked and thrown over on a shark trace to float around back to blah blah blah.

 Another hour passes with two yowie fish, me looking at thousands of baby blueys floating by the size of your pinky nail and wondering when the worlds gunna end. The silence of the brain working overtime is broken by the rod going off and catching Australia. So re-rig and have another go., in the meantime m8s rod goes off and something decent looks on, slowly after betting on the outcome on possibility comes a faint tinge of blue and red, snapper at 48. Hmmm maybe things are changing gave it another 1/2 hour for a little 40cm blue spot. By now it had begun to get a little uncomfortable, lost the toss and headed in.

My tip stay home for two weeks. Weathers up the proverbial and too much fresh and on top of that moons up.


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