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Brisbane Water/pittwater


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The missus decided we needed a holiday :thumbup: so we decided to head up to her holiday house for a week of :1fishing1: (it great when the missus love fishing too) and relaxing on brisbane water. I also mentioned i wouldnt mind going on a charter for some kingfish (which i havent had the pleasure of catching before) so we booked a day out with pete leblang later in the week. We Went squiding every morning of the for an average of 2 large squid per 5 - 10mins after then we found them to move on.

On monday decided to head out in the 8ft tinny to our secret bream spot in brizzy waters. Conditions were perfect for this spot to fire, Run out tide, last hour of light and rain had just stopped. We were there for only 10mins, And it did the missus caught her PB bream of 41cm :thumbup: it put up a decent fight too

Tuesday we were on the palm beach ferry at 5:50am on the way to pittwater and boy it was rough. The swell was around 7-8ft and i was suprised this boat was coping so much and to top it off the winds wasnt sure if the fishing would be all that good. We were on the boat with pete at 6:30 and there squid were hard to find tried 3 spots and the last one worked a treat. Caught 5 squid and headed out after some kings.

The wind and rain really did limit out spots and the kingfish were hard to find but after 5 hours of trolling one of the rods started to fire curving over in its holder. I grabed i was hooked on a king. I was so stoked but event more impressed after 4-5mins when i got him to to boat. He was only a rat coming in at 59cm and 3.5lbs. I was surprise he was so small and thought geez id love to catch a 90cm+ king ....... Imaging the fight.... :biggrin2:

After he was tagged and released we went trolling for some more kings, coz the missus hadnt caught one yet. We were trolling over a wreck right next to a hire boat full of blokes about 30m away. Pete said would it be great to hookup right now, and speak of the devil the drag went wild and my missus grabbed the rod she was on to a king . After 5mins she was rewarded with a 57cm king, and all the blokes could only point :biggrin2: as she held up he fish. :yahoo: after we tagged and released it she said another 1 or two runs and i wouldnt have been able to hold the rod

We had a great day with pete and on the :1badmood: worst day weather wise he found us fish, and i learned heaps and cant wait for the next king. The rest of week was quiet except for some tailor caught on cd11's around half tide rocks....

All in all a great week fishing and my first king.... Tight lines to all


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Guest Sea Jay

Well done mate. I am still waiting pacientley for my first king. Atleast your king was still a bit bigger than hers. I know if my miss's caught a bigger fish than me i would never her the end of it

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great work mate,

congrats on ur 1st kingy m8 im yet to get 1 tho :ranting2: some nice fish there dude and gr8 pics..

good to c the mrs is keen to, least uve got her hookd now so wen u say hunni im going fishing she hopefully wont mind.. :074:

keep them kingys coming hopefully im not to far from getting 1 myself...

cheers steve :1fishing1:

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