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Campbelltown Catchacarp comp


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Hey Raiders,

Has anyone seen this event? I just saw a Facebook post about it and I think it's a really cool idea.

Free entry and prizes, plus some fun on fat carp. It's a win-win, having a carp cull and a free community event combined!

I just signed up, it'd be cool to make a bit of a Fishraider social if enough are keen!



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Hey mate ive fished the Campbelltown event get there early before the crowds get there its a small lake and by 8 am it looks like its covered in spider webs theres that many lines in the water,people casting over the top of your line,heavy leads scaring fish and mayhem if you hook a descent one and it picks up half a dozen other peoples lines.Get there early fish the side near the recreation  center that's where ive seen the better fish caught and bread is frowned on for bait they encourage corn to be used but earth worms seem to be the go for best results I reckon block cheese could be a difference maker as well.Its extremely well run though and a fun day, kids have a ball as well.Good luck.

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