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Water Separator Bowl Cracked


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Was advised to clean some gunk out of the water separator bowl as some of it was caked on hard and stupidly grabbed the acetone instead of the something a little milder.  


Is this something that can potentially cause an issue straight away or will it be OK to leave in the short term?  The bowl still feels like its structural integrity is in tact and I have seen bowls on other boats with this look and their owners didn't seem to worry about it.


Obviously I will replace this when I can, but I was planning on taking the boat out tomorrow and don't have time to buy/install a new one.


I did run the engine for 10 minutes afterwards and there are no leaks.




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If you only wiped it out, It will be fine. The acetone has damaged the plastic, but unless you soaked it in it for hours should not have eaten through the casing. Replace it next time you do the filter.

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