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Quick flick at the beach

Mr Mullit

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Hadn't fished the beach for ages but conditions looked pretty good so wtfn. Got down to my spot near the mouth of one of the local inlets that was still spewing dirty water after the wet. Plan was to put out a bait in the gutter and then spin the mouth for jew. Sent out a strip of slimey and had a nice salmon on the beach before I'd tied on my plastic. Nice start. Chucked him back and out out another strip. This time I managed to get my lure tied on but got a bite just as I was about to start casting. Soon had a similar sized tailor which I kept for the lady next door. Obviously I had to make a choice of what to do. Unfortunately I decided to leave them biting and try for a jew as the tide was about to turn. Cast for about 1/2hr for no result then it started to rain. Stuck it out  for about 15mins but it was getting heavier. Checked radar and saw the really colourful stuff was just about to hit so I packed up. So a pretty good little session aside from the rain. I might go back down tomorrow. 

Cheers Matt



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Bridle the tailor and back out she goes! I haven't got a Jewy off one yet but always get bronzies/duskies, wobbies or grey nurse when I've done it. Any tailor or salmon below 40cm usually goes back out as bait, time and effort to clean them vs yield usually means they're better as bait for me.

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Mangy tailor was originally kept for bait to chuck out when then tide picked up and the lake started to run a bit. Don't worry Grant I did listen but as I taught you Obi Wan. F*** RAIN! Should have stuck it out but my wets were at home and I wasn't coming back out. I'll get tomorrow. Take it easy bro

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