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Any whispers on where the squid are firing?


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Taking the girlfriend out to catch her first squid tonight and want to know if the squid have been around anywhere between Pyrmont east up to Watson's Bay in the last few days.

The plan was to check Rose Bay first and perhaps move on to Watson's Bay. If nothing there then try closer to home at Pier 2.

If anyone knows somewhere that is likely to be reliable tonight that would be a great help!

Cheers all!



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Yeah, I guess it has been pretty gross everywhere as of late. Water in Cockle Bay has been coffee coloured for the past couple of weeks it seems!

Did manage one nice cali at Watson's Bay, so all was not lost.


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Probably no help to you, but I can say that there is squid a plenty on the south coast.  We and others have been catching them for two weeks around South Durras and I spoke to a bloke the other day and he tells me they are alive around Jarvis Bay also. 


Good Luck

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