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No luderick this weekend....brown trout instead

luderick -angler

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Made a quick rip s### and bust mission to Cooma for 36 hours on the bidgee out on Dry Plains saw plenty of ofsh massive black spinner hatches. We got one decent fish each interested quite a few and lost a couple each. It's been a great year all over the Snowy for trout and the end of season looks to be shaping up as a cracker. Picture of my 4lb brown on a pheasant tail nymph sight fished! The cast the presentation the take....the fish! 


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1 hour ago, W4z said:

Very nice mate. Making me want to chase some trout again. I got so frustrated with them that I haven't given it a go for a couple of years haha

Mate if you can tempt a Murray on fly trout are child's play lol! Mate have a look in the New England region it's fishing well.  If you need a few spots message me!

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5 minutes ago, GordoRetired said:

Hoping to head to Jindabyne in the next week or so.. Hope I can get one like that! ! ! !

Water surface temp was a bit warm this week mate lots of small bows reported from the lake there's some bigger fish in the mid section of river from the ski tube up to the second camp ground at Ngarigo 

Good luck mate 

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3 hours ago, luderick -angler said:

Where's the report lol?????

Cmon swano put a report up :) Swordie can throw the 1000 pics in.

He slept till 12md, mowed some lawns and went to bed at 7pm. He might get to a report tomorrow!

Royce take a look at the video on the fishraider facebook page or wait till it is attached to the report here on fishraider proper.


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1 hour ago, Wellzy94 said:

I'm actually seriously looking at a fly rod now... Got the perfect place in mind to learn to cast too! Nice, open clearing with little to no people of an evening.



That's the attitude happy to help you out with gear selection advice  there's so many gimmicks in the fly fishing industry you DON'T need! And you don't need to spend big dollars on a good rod! I have a few brands I can point you to in a good price point! 

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