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Yakka's in Pittwater


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G'day Raiders, 
Just wondering where the best place to stock up on yakkas in Pittwater is and the best mix of burley to use to attract them. Keep in mind im on a kayak, so anywhere past the heads is off limits for now till im completely confident on the thing lol :lol: but i can launch from anywhere i can park. Any help would be greatly appreciated, keen to get into some kings once school holidays start in a week :D
Cheers raiders

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Hey mate, im no expert in pittwater, tbh it confuses the hell out of me. In the few trips me and some of the kayakers have done in pittwater, ive found a few yakka around the wharfs we launched from at first light. Other than that i got no idea, other than grab a sounder and follow the locals.  Hit up the kayak crew thread here on fr for yak tips, or even to find a pittwater local yak fisherman.  I know there are a few on here and most are friendly :P


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West head off the pillboxes is main ground. Go past the last beach inside west head and you will see boats regularly anchored up for them.Need to be there at sun up for best results, I use old bread sourced from viet bakeries for burley. "$3 dollar big bag".

Pilly strips on no8 hooks/split shot or floating on 4 lb handline.

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