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Recommendations for Sydney Fishing Charters - Beginner


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Hi everyone,

My mate has a birthday coming up and I think he would really enjoy a day out charter fishing.

The issue is that he's very much a beginner. Are there any Sydney based charters that are more beginner friendly? i.e fewer people, less line tangling, easier fishing techniques.

We don't need to catch prized fish (every fish he catches will be his PB haha), just want him to have a fun day fishing.

Thanks in advance!


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G'day Wellzy,

We'd be absolutely thrilled if we could pick up a couple of table fish like flatties/mowies/snapper. The only method I'm familiar with is bottom bait fishing, not sure of the other methods out there.

@ Scratchie - Reef Magic looks like an awesome day out, will definitely look to revisit when we've had a bit more time on the water.


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