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Cabarita - Last Cast Surpise - 20-May-2017


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Hi All

Had my super light fishing gear (Two DrunkMonkies 1-2kg rod / 5lb braid / no leader) having a bit of a play down at Cabarita hoping for a bream or tailor. I was using a Daiwa Slippery Dog surface lure and casting around the structure without much luck.

Last cast of the day (which was about my 4th or 5th last cast) there was a massive surface blowup and line started pulling off my reel faster than I could manage. The rod was buckled over and I was cradling the spool trying to give it some support. The fish went on a few solid runs and I just let him run with it otherwise I would have busted off - no idea what it was. Every so often it would leap out of the water and try to throw the lure, but unbelievably the gear held tight.

At one point I said to the Mrs, it might be a jewfish, at which she innocently replied "Is it a religious fish ?", sometimes its hard to tell if she's being serious or taking the piss.

After some time, I managed to work him into shore and couldn't believe it, it was a big Aussie Salmon .... would never have dreamt catching one so far up Parramatta River. I had to scramble down a 70 degree rock face to get to the water and got him close enough to try and get the hooks out and let him go, but I lost him right at the waters edge and he swam off.

I was worried about taking too much time to bring him in ... was wondering what do you do when you are grossly over-matched .... do you deliberately bust off or just stick with it and try and get it over with as quickly as possible ?



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There is no need to rush to get a fish in. A number of fishos on here lose a good fish right at the end by rushing to land the fish, tightening the drag, trying to go too hard at the end.

At the end of the fight, with not much line out, there is less room for error, less room to manoeuvre the fish.

Don't deliberately bust off, you leave the jig head in the fish's mouth.

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reminds me of a event about 1980ish off the end of Manly Wharf. (That was when you were allowed to fish off the wharf) a youngster about 12 years old ( I was about 22 then) hook up an Aussie Salmon on a handline...he was struggling so I offerred to give him a hand........as the fish was starting to tire we then had another huge problem....the Manly Ferry was coming in......the fish was giving us a aerobatic display and we had quite an audience by now.......the ferry captain saw the fish jumping and slowed up so I could get it landed.....gave us a few horn blasts as well as cheers and claps from our audience on the wharf as well as on the ferry.........it was a bit over 8lb cleaned from memory so about 4.5kg whole. I gave the fish to the youngster....he was really excited and thankful......


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