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Janis Perch, Zander and Pike season 2017


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Hi mates. Too longtime havent visit again. I promise, soon i made short report my last icefishing trip, and maby some old report allso. Have to made this topic all ready, then i only need go to fishing. :D

BUT. This topic i made every my this summer Perch, Zander and Pike fishing reports. (Cant wait that i can put my boat on water again :-rolleyes ), Other, like river reports i put other topic. Tight lines for your winter season.



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Finally :) . First redfins 2 days a go, catch By spinner. We went Saija`s parents cabin, and i fishing shortly, catch some redfins. Unfortunatelly Vili catch nothing :(.  Today boys was on Saija`s parents cabin and we had time testing boat. So we drive to boatramp and took fishing gears allso. I casting softplastic and Saija fishing "old style" with softplastic. Boat and engine work nice, so we did drive to firs fishing spots. Couple of cast and couple of bites. Then fish on, pike under 1 kg. We took that pike, becouse i try practise handling it boneless. Then we change spot, but cath nothing. 3th spot was perch spot. Couple of casts and Fish on perch 330g. Then Saija sayd that "fish on" perch 310g. Be both cach more fishes after that. (Same spot where Swordie catch over 600g redfin couple of years a go). We fishing about 1 hour, but cach fish enough for eat. Nice start on boating season. Have to hope that have more time go fishing, and Vili allso catch something.









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Many thanks for posting your recent fishing Jani. It brings back a lot of memories for me, catching Pike and Redfin (called Perch in England). That was back in the days before lures were invented, bait fishing. Good luck with your fishing mate and keep the reports coming. BN

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Short report again. We went with Vili about 3h fishing same spot that where we went with Saija couple of days ago. Rainy and only +13c` (This summer have been rainy and  temperature have been mostly between +10`c  and  +15`c. ) We arrival fishing spot,  2.5m deep water. I start put old style fishing gear for vili, and softplastic just ”touch” water, only 10cm deep, and first fish on? We was quite suprised, 300g redfin on boat. Vili get 2 bites soon after that, but fishs escapes. So we start casting softplastics, i catch couple of fishs, and Vili get bites, but fishs did`nt hooked.  Vili not understand yet how hard have to strike back when fish bite. Allso he have to practice how have to fight with fishs. Then i cast, and fish on, small but escape. I did give rod to Vili and fish on again, this time he strike hard, and wind slowly, then we together pull fish on boat (forget net on home). So, Vili`s very first softplastic fish was 310g redfin. We ate some sandwiches, done some casts, when i catch 370g perch. We catch over 10 redfins, but took only 6 for eat.







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