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Hawkesbury Saturday 29th


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Headed out on Saturday with my son for our first official fish in the new boat. Work and family commitments have delayed our outing. I have been looking foreword to this trip for a while and was anxious with anticipation.

We were on the water by 5am and stoped at West Head for some live bait, but plagued by little sweep. First stop was our usual drifting ground for some flathead at the mouth of the Hawkesbury. Picked up four average fish and a good squid, which moved residence into our live bait tank. The flathead where enough to provide a dinner for four of fish and chips.

Moved over to Gunya and anchored in the hope of a jewfish. Result one eel and saw another boat score a school jewfish of maybe 4kg. Encouraged we persisted for nil result. Saw Mooncritter there who said he had scored a few small ones through the night.

Next stop was west head where we gave it an hour for two small sharks. With that we thought we would try a new spot moving into Pittwater and give the kings a chance to eat our offerings. Burley trail was established, however our new choice of location provided a no show on the kingfish front.

Home by 12 with just the four flathead and squid for dinner. Enjoyed the day even though the fish were slow to cooperate.

Have decided next time I chase Jewfish the trip will be dedicated to them alone and should be a 24hour stint. Then I may just finally get a decent fish. May be?

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well done Martin, getting any sort of feed out of Pittwater Broken bay is beyond me at the moment so youre doing alright

Hows the new boat going are you happy with it

Saturday was the first day I was able to feel comfortable with it and really got to appreciate the boat. What I am finding surprising is how economical it is to run between 4000 and 4500 revs. Gets up on the plane quickly and has so much room all round-cockpit, cabin and storage. She is as steady as a rock at rest. I even have easy walk round access to anchor and a spot to sit when pulling the anchor up.

There are a lot of positives in her favour and one of the big ones is she is an awesome fishing boat as well as a family day boat.

I am looking foreword to 3 special outings a trip outside for snapper, trolling for marlin and a 24-hour fish for jewfish.

The Aussie Whaler is pretty awesome, size does make a difference!!!!

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