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Hawkesbury 29/30th


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Gidday all,

Well I got to go out with my brand new next door neighbour,It was a kind of get to know you session that involved lots of beer,lots of bullshit and lots of fishing.

He had been hanging out to go for a fish and threw the towel in and drove down to his holiday house in Jervis bay on friday night to pick it up and then drive straight back.He put in at Akuna bay in the morning and went out collecting bait.........lots of it.

I arrived in the afternoon and found out that his boat was a brand new 6m aluminum centre console,and it had a 115 on the back :1yikes: ,I hopped in and after hitting the secound sonic boom (we topped 80km's) in this thing screamed over to a secret spot that was so secret that even the fish forgot where it was.

No problemo ,we went and visited his uncle who has the jews wired.He asked us to pick him up from his boat that was moored in Brooklyn.

We looked everywhere for the boat,trouble was there was this great big 38 ft fly bridge mariner in the way.Ohh says I when we realsied that was his "boat".Well sixty two and a half beers later we went out jew fishing,nothing,not a touch ,things were looking grim on the fish front when it started to rain....,we took the offer of a bed on the "boat" and had some more beers.

Next morning we woke up at dawn and with a mouth that felt like something had crawled in there and died we had another crack at the bream,ended up picking up 6 small fish and with the rain continuosly coming down we pulled the pin at 8.00am.

Wasv it worth it ?,you bet,I learnt about two new spots and I guess that even more importantly learnt how to fish them ,just got to get the timing right fot the jews and its show time.

As a footnote,I did get a text from Max jonno who had some bad luck at a central coast beach,he had a Jew scoff a 1kg tailor ,and lost it 1 hr 45minutes later ,he was fishing with 25lb line and ended up pulling the hooks!!.He even mentioned that he did not want to guess the size of the fish!


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