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Caught A Feed And Stayed Dry


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Crazyfisherdude and myself were invited out for the day by Tunofun so we very reluctantly agreed :074:

We were on the water by 550am and headed for the heads stopping at the marker boys to flick sps to see what was about, there was bait on the sounder but no hits no luck. The plan was to troll the heads and then go to Bretts favourite flathead drift out wide. We didnt get a touch on the lures so we headed for the drift the swell was around 2 meters but Brets Boat handled it awsome sow we were there with our stomaches intacked in no time.

Baits down with plenty of led and we were onto flattys and plenty of them i was getting used to my new rod so I didnt pull a fish for the first hour but i was happy drinking a :beersmile: and watching the sun rise.

Is this a bad thing?

We were surrounded by rainclouds and didnt get rained on once you gotta love that the only problem was the wind. After catching a decent feed of 13 Sand flathead from 35 to about 60 cm and one leather jacket

we decided to head back to the bay again we trolled and didnt get a touch Brett and i were amazed how Chris was able to clean the catch while we were getting rubber duckied in a bathtub by the swell. On the way back we worked the marker boys and this time there was even more bait i got a decent hit by a tailer that chopped Bretts sunami off and left about 2 cm of head above the hook. after driving the boat while the boys had a crack the wind was just too much so we called it a day at around midday i think???

Brett i Know i speek for both Chris and myself thanks for a great day out we had a ball and those flathead

were some of the nicest tasting ive had for ages. Thankagain


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I forgot to add this tip in the reply at work we use digital cameras every day if you want to get the best life out of your batteries take them out when your not using the camera becuase if you leave them in they will go dead in no time :thumbup:

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Yeah had a great day, thanks for the company Sharky and Crazedfisherdude, you guys were great.

2 great deckies these two, can reverse a trailer, drive a boat and clean all your fish for you!!

Welcome out with me anytime guys, hope to do it again soon :thumbup:

Camera tip 2) Dont leave it on the side of the boat for the trip home, couldnt believe it survived, as i go over a few speed bumps on the way home :074:

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Be carefull cleaning the catch if you are filleting, before you hit the shore fellas, you are not allowed to do it!!!!

Fisheries apparently will be much more active on the water this year too, hopefully they will nail some of those s#!^bags that give us alll a bad name!

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