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Try Crabbing In The Georges


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G'day Fellas, me again.

Tonight i'm going to try the Georges for some Mud Crabs. :1fishing1:

This time I will make sure I take the camera with me on the boat and take photos of the mud crabs.

Thats if I get any tonight (hopefully). :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

I'll let you'se know how I go.

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Good luck mate they are in the georges i know a few spots that will produce the goods

send me a pm if you would like to know were they are :thumbup: and when you get a bag like in the HB

ill be more than happy to take a few off your hands :biggrin2:

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Thank God you didn't jump off the Hakwesbury Road bridge champ,

Good luck with George's crabs. Hope you don'y get too itchy! :074::074::074:



I have a relative who used to catch (and eat) muddies out of the Cooks river in the eighties and early nineties. Even back then he exuded this glow that didn't quite look right :1prop:

Hope you enjoyed crabbing on the Georges

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