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6/11 Attempt At Fishing


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Well what a weekend. And what a day. I had a confimed starter for today and one possibility, need a deckie, and had spoken to the definate one a few times in the days leading up (I havnt been out for months as we just did 2 bathrooms and I am landscaping the backyard (I shouldn't bring work home!) anyway he decided to go out at the last minute last night and let me know at 8:30pm nearly didnt go but tried another mate and he said yes. I had got the boat and everything out that arvo, started her up everything was fine. Now we had made arangements to meet me at 5:00 and well at about 6:45 :( we finally hit the water, at Apple Tree Bay nice and close to home. The motor decided to play up, I just thought it was cold. But it kept playing up when i tried to open it up so i stopped and put a crab trap down and tried to see what was the problem. I started it with out the cover on and it was fine and as soon as i put it on and more importantly when i flicked the latch of to hold it on the engine cut out (if anyone whants to suggest anything feel free, i dont think and wires or anything were in the way) so i just left it unlatched, everything was fine now..... Stopped at a few places along the way with a few bites but nothing spectacular. Stopped at Jeruselum Bay for a total of 2 reds. but the sauages in rolls with onions made it better. Went all way up to broken bay for nothing but there were heaps of boats out at flint and steel (as always i guess). decided to fish our way back to check the trap and once we reached cottage point it started again with the motar. I ended up havong to hold the lid while my mate drove. The motar just kept stuttering when the lid was just down... finally made it back to the ramp after finding the trap (with nothing) :mad3: and there was so many muppets there holding things up and just generally being well muppets.

All in all it wasnt the best day and i had been looking forward to going fishing for ages, but it still beats a day at work. Hope you enjoy all that i have written even if its too much! no much about fishing either... :1prop:

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i had the same problem, the motor would idle nice with the cover off but would die with it on.

got the guy's at yabbie to service her for me and they told me i had a small split in the rubber cover over the coil lead and it was sparking accross to the cover.

simple fix was to turn the coil upside down so it didnt go near the cover.

runs like a dream now.

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