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Middle harbour


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I am looking to hire a boat from the balmoral boatshed after christmas to fish middle harbour for jews/flatties. Does anyone know any good holes that hold jew or any SP places for flattys? Obviously i can catch live yakkas for bait from the wharf but what would be the best way to fish them? On a float or pinned to the bottom? Is it worth burleying?  Thanks

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Merry Christmas not sure how long you are going to spend or what the limit of how far you can take your hire. Jew fish do swim about but there is a spot between middle head and the manly aquarium stay on that line and get the big set of flats at Mosman in the crescent of dobroyd point, best at night.  But they follow the tide little manly and quarantine can prodNo automatic alt text available.uce.  Baits almost on the bottom with a bait runner will work with patiance.  Caught north harboure on californian squid


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