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Wat Colour Zman Grubz Should I Get?

daniel akpinar

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Hey fisho's

My name is daniel I fish at rosebay, Drummoyne wharf, rocky areas and I live in Sydney. I am going to be getting 2 packets of 2.5 inch grubs, I was thinking of getting a packet of motor oil and some other colour but I cant decide. the fish that i will be going for is Bream, Flathead, Tailor, Whiting and many species. I am also going to be getting a bigger lure for bigger flathead and I was thinking off a squidgy wriggler but now I'm just thinking of getting a bigger grub. I'm don't have a lot of money because I'm only a kid and my dad is very strict. or if you guys can send me a few packets I would greatly appreciate it (:        AND IF YOU CAN TELL ME SOME GOOD FLATHEAD SPOTS IN SYDNEY I WILL GIIVE YOU A HUG


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