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Silly fishing


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1 hour ago, rickmarlin62 said:

hey jon I did some checkin..long spine snipefish and common bellowsfish..same....never seen them on top only as bottom trawler trash...rick

Oh ok will pass that on to my daughter, funny as she first said they were bellowsfish but then told me they were snipefish. It's amazing what you see out there at times, we even saw a tripletale hanging around one trap buoy yesterday.

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2 minutes ago, rickmarlin62 said:

sweet  I was pretty close jon..never seen a tripletail in open water..caught two in the hunter river spinning for bass..they catch them on open sand cays in WA..rick

I've caught them in WA around Exmouth, they pull well for their size.

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41 minutes ago, xerotao said:

Anymore of this rod in the bargain bin?


My daughter was out today getting dolphin fish on the silly stick, biggest went 80cm. Yesterday she managed an awsome 51cm bass on it. 

Ive also bought one to target kings.


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