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Squidgy Fish VS Squidgy Wriggler

daniel akpinar

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Ive come down to to two decision SQUIDGY FISH AND SQUIDGY WRIGGLER ( both 100mm ) .i got man grubz 2 inch for bream but i need a lure for flathead, so I'm thinking of getting a squidgy fish or wriggler for flathead, can you tell me what colour is good and what lure is better

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I reckon the "natural" colours work well. However Flathead will take anything that passes their way. They are ambush predators and don't spend time assessing this colour or that colour. IF IT LOOKS LIKE FOOD THEY WILL SMASH IT. Good luck, bn

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If it wiggles a Flatty will grab it!
Caught my first decent flatty on a soft plastic IN THE EARLY 80s,  it was an orange mr twister.
Walked into a spot near some bridge pilots where there were a half dozen other guys belting the middle of the channel with big baits...

Two casts into the downstream side of the nearest pylon, whack, I am on, land the fish and start to go home, you should have seen the reaction from the bait fishers!

I was converted!

Have not looked back since....



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