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broughton island


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thank you neil...its just as easy to help others as being secretive..im not giving away exact gps marks but general areas where fish can be caught more often than not...on one of my areas I fish anywhere in an area 250mtrs wide by 150mtrs...the fish are there..you just have to look and try..as I said before looking at google I have picked out spots where I have caught fish.in areas I normally would have drove past...I gave scratchie a heads up on an area and he got some nice reds there the other day..as he said we don't own the ocean so sharing it is the right thing to do....I have responded to some pms but its hard to give exact marks as I very rarely fish in the same spot ...I move around and fish dependant on what my hds shows me..my last three sessions the marks are 140mtrs apart  and 60mtrs from that....looking at google and picking out shallow reef areas  think like this..current generally runs nth to south.so find ground anchor out over sand and fish back to reef edge..if you sit on top of reef expect red rock cod/sergeant baker/wrasse and assorted crap...this simple approach should uncover dozens of spots off Sydney where a large percentage of our raiders live..not everyone can travel up or down the coast and lots of guys only go where other boats are like long reef  try coming in shallower and fish first light or last light and you might get a big red surprise...rick

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