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Quick Flick On The Nepean 8-11-05


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Well picked up the new boat with the old man and decided to take it for a spin, we were too excited not to. :1prop:

Up the Nepean we went with grins a mile wide ! After an hour of cruising around and checking that we weren't slowly sinking the decision was made to test all the gear we had bought over the last five weeks. (A tip, when buying a boat add a couple a hundred onto the price, Because the wait drives you crazy and the only relief is buying new gear !!) :biggrin2:

So we pick a likely spot with the falling sun and it was lures in the water. At this stage I should tell you that my sister came along for the ride so we also packed the old rod and reel for her. First cast and the sister gets a big hit but doesn't hook up.

The grins grew with the excitement that the boat will get its first fish today and possibly be quite big. With the slight breeze pushing us away from our target reeds, Dad and i pulled out the paddles to get us back to where we wanted to be. (Dear Santa, can you please bring me a Minn Kota so I can atleast feel sensation in my arms again) :074:

While the hard work was being done by the men, the sister yells out "I have a fish !!!" :1yikes: So the cry goes out in excitement for the net and the realisation that the new boat has its first fish on the oldest gear and the $2 lure. :(:mad3:

By the time we get things sorted the sister has landed the fish. So we take a look at the fish, she is proud as punch, we are....... well...... take a look at the picture ..


In the end the river is full of Bass and a little Bass with big eyes. We had plenty of fun and the quinnie 445 is a dream to drive and a absolute pleasure to fish from.

We are off to the Hawsbury at Windsor this weekend to hopefully prove that we can catch something bigger than the lure we are using.

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Yeah there are a few around at windsor and surrounds at the moment.

If you have a canoe you can get to the good water and get thebigger fish that are hiding.

heard good reports of 40cm + recently and at least 5+ fish of 40cm + a session.



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