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I spent $100 platics last week and $51.90 this week and i started to think how much i spend on them a month???? How much are other raiders spending?

I am a self confessed soft plastic junky How much is too much my purchases are to feed my addiction to spinning for jewies and bream are great too.

Do i have a problem? Is this normal?

Some feedback would be great :thumbup:

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I tedn not to buy that many these days, but that's because I already have them all. :1prop:

I'll usually buy a few packets of anything new that comes out, and I'll buy about 50-100 packets at a time of my favourites when I need to re-stock.

Hardbodies are another story, I get them whenever I'm bored. :1prop:

Now i thought i was kooks... let me understand this right "Ill buy 50-100 packets at a time". Mate im a sp junkie spending about 50-100 dollars a week but you take the cake. I like to keep up with everything new that comes out, add to this restocking when i run out, people poachin outta my bag, its bloody hard to do. If only they stopped new sps for a month so i can catch up on things... i need help can you tell...my :wife: gets the shits cause i pay more attension to my sps than her... Its a tough life i tell her

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Guest Sea Jay

i just spent another $60 on them today and $70 two days ago...

i just found myself searching them on ebay for christmas pressies to myself.






........................................................... HELP ME!

Are those ones that you get of places such as ebay any good?? has anyone has any luck or do you find you have more luck with the more luck with the more popular brands EG Berkley

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I've probably spent about $200 so far, maybe a tad more.

That was just to get me setup with a basic range of jig heads and tails. I haven't been spending as much lately because I've been buying more fly gear, and saving for a mid range spinning reel to target jews.

I always manage to buy at least something related to SP fishing when I visit my local, whether it be a packet of tails or jigheads. I figure the :wife: won't notice as much if I shop in small batch (stealth) mode. :ninja: My first time I spent just over $100 and she nearly killed me. :074:

There's always something to spend money on in fishing. :biggrin2:



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I figure the :wife: won't notice as much if I shop in small batch (stealth) mode. :ninja: There's always Shane


Ahh the old stealth mode. You know you at the top of your game when you reach this level.

Be warned though, when a woman gets married they do develop a stealth mode detector so be very cautious of trying too fly too low beneath the radar. Ive been trapped at a very very low altitude before. My wife's is finely tuned.

Also realise that the married female ( buyumous anythingamous ) also will now have a keen stealth mode herself which is usually undectable to the common or unsuspecting husband ( knowingous nothingous ).

My tip is keep an eye out for this female stealth and document the occurance, only engage in battle when you need to make a large purchase of your own. Dont waste it. :1prop:

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I usually don't think about how much I spend on plastics because I'll buy a couple of packs here and a couple of packs in a different shop the next day. I don't have one big outlay in one place unless its on sale big time. This way the conscience doesn't bug me but when I put it all together in the one box, it looks like I've spent a couple of hundred bucks, maybe more, so far. Scary!

I have different favourites for different conditions and target fish so they all justify being in my box.

Atomic Fat Grubs - my fav when I want to use single tail grubs, perfect size-wise and action.

Sliders & Ecogear grass minnows - when I want paddle tails

Berkley Bass Minnows - preferred stickbaits

Berkley Gulp Minnows - when bass minnows need the extra oooomphhh in smell.

Squidgy Fish - when I don't feel like using up bass minnows on them useless couta, the squidgies don't seem to work for me anywhere else.

I wouldn't use the ebay ones because I'm confident with the current ones I'm using. You get what you pay for is a rule I'd always use. I'd rather pay good money for a pack of 10 SPs that catch fish than pay half that price for twice the number of lures that is only good for christmas decorations.

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Hi Guys,

I curbed my soft-plastic spending big time, I was getting out of control!!

Now, I stick to a few that work for me and have caught me fish in the past.

Basically I use the following:

Inside and Estuary fishing:

Atomic Fat Grubs in Motor Oil

Berkley 3inch BM is pumkinseed scales and a few other colours like pearl/blue

Squidgy Fish (smaller sizes and up to 100mm) Silver Fox, Black/Gold colours, some hot tails

Storm Shads

Outside under the cliffs and close reefs:

4inch BM is pumkinseed scales and 5inch Jerk Shads

Squidgy Fish (100 - 140mm) Black/Gold, Gary Glitter

Storm Shads

I love lure fishing but... I still find sitting in my tinnie with my 8 year old son Andy catching bream and flatties on Hawsbury Prawns in Hen and Chicken Bay some of the most rewarding fishing I do.

As they say... PRICELESS!!



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I thought I was pretty right on bream HB's until recently when I got hold of the Smith catalogue, that's turned out to be very expensive...

Yep, I checked out a catalogue which had Smith lures as well.

Japanese made and some of them looked the goods.

The "Beauty Cicada" looks ok but I also noticed a range of bibbed diving lures called "Jade" and the colour range looks very familiar to some of the SX40/48 range. :1yikes:

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