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Lane Cove River Toadfish


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The bane of our existance!!!!!

The little b@$tards are fast too!!!!!!!

Its always Tailor or toads :mad3:

Don't complain about the toads here in Sydney until you have fished in WA :1badmood:

I lived there for sometime and when you see 1000's schooling you will soon realise that we have not got the same problems as our sand groper friends have. The amount of toads I hooked on hb's was amazing. Don't even think about using sp's if toads were about, and bait, well forget that in the estuary's around perth during the days. I just move on if toads are about or if there are fish around then be prepared to loose lures.

Hb's are the go to stop the toads, well slow them down at least most of the time.



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Good call Lee!!!

The blowies over there are f!@#$% astounding!

Good to hear someone call them blowies again.

It takes all of 5 seconds to destroy a 3 inch sp.

Also some of my mates over in WA have told me several times that they have caught both huge tailor ( 4kg+ ) and Bonito that have toads in thier stomachs!

Jewel did you live there or just visit there. If you lived there where abouts did you live?



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Ive got family over there.......... but its a long time since I was there!

Im led to believe that the marlin stuff themselves on the buggers ........ but I cant imagine using one as a skipbait!!!

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Bash em with a thong and hang Mack baits under the buggers!

Sorry to hijack your thread tomahawk1999, but Im on the :beersmile: and this has been entertaining!

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